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The Medical Sales College is the industry leader in placing non-experienced candidates into the lucrative and exciting field of medical device sales. We do this by providing you with the three key requirements for entry.

Required Experience
Required Connections
Required Job Plan

With more than 5-years experience, 730+ placements and an overall 93% placement rate, we are the only resource for a candidate that wants to enter medical device sales without previous medical device sales experience. All of this in just six-weeks.

We are the only licensed and regulated college in the United States with an emphasis on medical device education. We have instructed both entry-level candidates as well completed several medical device corporate sponsored courses for leading device companies.

Learn more about the partnership between YOU and the MEDICAL SALES COLLEGE.

Road Map to a Medical Sales Job

Step 1- Get Experience

• Provide Required Equivalent Job Experience
• On Campus or Online Courses Available
• Industry Experienced Instructors
• Live-Surgical Education
• New Campuses for 2016
• Complete Entire Education in Just Six-Weeks


Step 2 - Get Connected

• ZeroFee Recruiting Software – Launched 2016
• Private MSC Hiring Events
• 5,000 + Hiring Managers
• Exclusive Partnership with EliteMed Recruiting
• Hiring Mangers Competing for YOU


Step 3 - Get Hired

• Exclusive Access to MDRepTrack Software
• MDRepTrack - Launched 2016
• 93% Placement Rate
• 730+ Medical Sales College Graduates Hired
• More Demand than Supply of our Graduates


Hiring Managers
  • Steve Gilmore Regional ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Valerie Nelson HR ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Tommy Van Galder Director of SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Mark Wise Area Vice PresidentRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Giovanni Luna DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Kiran Rehmatullah Sr. Corporate RecruiterRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jenny Pado National RecruiterRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Sarah Albers Recruiter at Wright MedicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Abbey Deaton Corporate RecruiterRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Matthew Goudy VP of SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Greg Adams Regional Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jon Giannini Managing PartnerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Michael Kause Western Regional ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • John Zook DirectorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • John Gauger Vice PresidentRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Michael Bennett Pres. at Blugrass MedicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Tim Bradley Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jeffrey Curtis DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • John Rosales DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Todd Veenhuis Strategic Products ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • David Watt Regional Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jeff Grover Owner, Greater MichiganRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Alison Lee AssistantRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Matt Delong Vice PresidentRegistered: MAY 2016
  • William K Moats Western Area VPRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Glenn Allen PresidentRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Adam McCollister National Trauma ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Vicki Herda RecruiterRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Cara Rasnic AssistantRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Dave Werntz DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Peter Simmons VP SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Lauren Aycock Biologics Regional ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Gary Decet Medx PrincipalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Evan Olson President at Surgical WestRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jeffrey Roy Owner at KinesioMedxRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Dan Mosher PresidentRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Mark Hassett DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Stephen Lichtenthal VP Business Dev.Registered: MAY 2016
  • Pat Klingler Sr. Dir. of SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Travis Prikryl VP at OrthoscanRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jerry Mackey Principal at Aimed GroupRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Bob McGlamery Director of SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Tom Smithweck President at Neuro-TecRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Scott Bromley Divisional Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jim Schickel Owner of JSARegistered: MAY 2016
  • Larry Morin VP Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Suzanne Tulloch Director of HRRegistered: MAY 2016
  • David Jaburek Regional ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Erica DeLuke Talent Acquisition SpecialistRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Mike Pearson DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Brad Grabel Area Business ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jorge Rodrigues Dir. of Talent & Dev.Registered: MAY 2016
  • Michael Sparks VP SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Steve Price Director of SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Martin Holbus Pres. at H&H MedicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Tessa Dolkas Outreach Program ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Ian Santiago Pres. at BSK MedicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Todd Rounsaville President of OrthoSolutionsRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Scott Hager Owner Synergy SurgicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Dan Dercher VP at Midwest MedicalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Jim Searle VP SalesRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Ryan Scott Smith PrincipalRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Kevin Naskiewicz DistributorRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Buddy Day Regional Sales ManagerRegistered: MAY 2016
  • Rob Palumbo President of Empire OrthoRegistered: MAY 2016

What is ZeroFee Recruiting?

This is a free service connecting our graduates with hiring mangers. Once a hiring manager registers for ZeroFee Recruiting, they will have 24/7 access to our entire database of graduates. They can access your resume, bio, pictures, videos and completed interview questions. This recruitment software is an industry-first. Please review recent registrations of hiring managers requesting our graduates.


New Campuses in 2016!

University of Phoenix DenverDenver
University of Phoenix TampaTampa
University of Phoenix DenverCosta Mesa

  • Become A Medical Sales Professional


At the Medical Sales College we are heavily invested in our students.
Upon graduation, we are pleased to list our hired graduates along with the hiring company.
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