Access to MDRepTrack

MDRepTrack is an industry-first CRM program designed to make a candidate more employable. At the Medical Sales College, you will have access to this software program prior to the commercial launch to the medical device industry.

Hiring managers are always evaluating an applicant on how quickly they can contribute. With MDRepTrack, you will look like no other candidate. Your ability to contribute will be documented in our software and more important, your interview.

Imagine interviewing with a hiring manager coming prepared with the following information about your respective territory in which you are applying:

Complete List of Surgeon Targets
Information Collected on all Targets
Complete List of Hospitals and Facilities
Profiling of Company Products
Profiling of Competitive Company Products
Understanding of the Specific Procedures
30-60-90 Day Business Plan

We encourage you to view the specifics below.

MDRepTrack will get you hired!

Suregon Targeting

At the Medical Sales College, we understand the importance of new customer acquisition. During your training on surgeon targeting, you will learn the following important information.

1. How to define your sales territory
2. How many potential surgeon customers are in that territory
3. Information about each surgeon customer
4. How to use that information to build a relationship with that customer
5. Ability to add a scripted sales call for that customer

As you can see with MDRepTrack, this software is built specifically for the collection of all surgeon detailed information.

Hospital Targeting

As a new representative, you are likely taking over a non-performing territory. When you start, it is your job to quickly build relationships. This includes important personnel in the hospitals or facilities that you will cover. You will learn the following important information.

1. How to find all facilities in your respective area
2. Who to contact at each facility
3. What information to collect at each facility
4. How to get surgeon access at each facility
5. How to work efficiently with each team member at the facility

This specialized software allows you to collect all facility pertinent information and assign each surgeon customer to a hospital.


Each student of the Medical Sales College will learn the importance of Consultative Selling. This requires the representative to become the product expert for his or her surgeon customer. With the education at MSC, along with the software of MDRepTrack, the student will enter all of the product information learned during the course. This includes:

1. Description of each product
2. Features, Benefits and the Value of each product
3. Surgical Technique
4. How to sell the product

This software allows easy access to all products profiled.

Surgeon Linking

Once hired, the representative can link all product information to each surgeon customer. This includes:

1. Case volume of the product
2. How long the surgeon has used the product
3. The current representative covering the prospective surgeon customer
4. How long the representative has worked with the surgeon
5. What the surgeon likes or dislikes about the product
6. Notes about the product
7. Contracting and pricing information

This is a great resource for both the representative and management team member.

Selling Software

The selling platform feature of MDRepTrack is a true game-changer. One challenge for a new or existing representative is deciding how to sell your product to a prospective surgeon. This depends 100% on the current product utilized by your prospective surgeon. With MDRepTrack, this software, in the matter of a click can differentiate the two products and even build your sales presentation to assist in product conversion.

This software can make you look like an industry veteran!