Cadaver Lab

The Medical Sales College MSC Bioskills Lab

The Medical Sales College now has available a fully functioning bioskills lab for your medical device demonstration needs. The MSC bioskills cadaver lab has a clean room with scrubs and personal protective equipment for your participants. Dressing room is available with multiple lockers for your medical device participants to change into scrubs. The cadaver lab also has a room camera that can be broadcasted into our theater. The cadaver lab has 2-4 cadaver station capacities. Two endoscope towers are available in the cadaver lab as well as all needed power and instrumentation. The MSC lab can provide basic surgical instrumentation free of charge including scalpels, forceps, metzenbaum scissors, iris scissors, hemostats, needle holders, retractors, rongeurs, cobb elevators, curettes, mallets, osteotomes, and much more. We have access to C-arms and plenty of leads that are available for your group.

We have a state-of-the-art conference rooms that will surely exceed your expectations.

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