Student Placement Process


fig3At the Medical Sales College, we have perfected the art of medical sales education along with placement of our students. In our business its much more than just getting the job, it’s keeping the job while succeeding both professionally and financially. With more than 800 placements, we have proven out this process and continue to see both short and long term success of our graduates. Through education, our graduates remain in high demand. Once the clinical and sales education is completed, we start the process of placement for our successful graduates. We have spent more than $2 million dollars building out the technology system used for our graduates. In conjunction with our employment partners along with available job information, the first step is to identify all current openings in orthopaedics. The Medical Sales College accomplishes this with two complete job boards compiled for our graduates. The first is our external job board available for all of our graduates. This job board encompasses more than 1,500 current openings with the large majority in orthopaedics. This medical sales job board is updated daily with new openings. Each job identifies both the employer and the specific requirements from the hiring company. This eliminates any external recruiter and is direct access to the hiring manager for our graduates. You can see an example of the job board in the picture provided. The second job board is internal. This board consists of openings in orthopedics that are not advertised. In many instances a hiring manager is looking to replace an ineffective representative without fear of losing existing business. This is a perfect fit for a Medical Sales College graduate. With the completed training, in many instances a graduate of the Medical Sales College can step right in.


fig1The second step is connecting the open position represented from the hiring manager with a graduate of the Medical Sales College. How do we do this? In 2011 and 2012, the Medical Sales College employed fulltime recruiters with the task of collecting information on all hiring managers. This was done using both internal and external recruiters. At one point, the Medical Sales College was represented with 10 external recruiters throughout the country located in different geographic regions. After investing more than $2 million dollars in recruitment efforts, the Medical Sales College collected information on more than 5,400 hiring managers. Each hiring manager has been entered into our database system for quick identification and easy access. After step #1 has been completed, we use this database to connect with the appropriate hiring manager or managers. You can see an example of this database in the image provided.


fig2Once the hiring manager has been identified via our database, our technology platform allows for an easy process alerting the hiring manager about our available graduate. With more than 1,500 current openings, generally our graduate can expect 20+ positions available in his or her geography. This new technology allows the Medical Sales College to alert all available hiring managers within 24 hours following the successful graduation of our student. In addition to the current advertised openings, we know that hundreds of positions are available and are not advertised at all. We use a second function for this group. Based of the completed specialty training of our graduates, our technology allows us to specify all hiring managers in a geographic location that aligns with the specialty studied. In this example often a Medical Sales College graduate is sent to more than 100 hiring managers. As you can see in the sample image, we simply select the specialty and geography of our graduate. In the box on the left of the screen in the image provided, all hiring managers appear. We select each hiring manager through clicking on the hiring manager name. It populates the hiring manager in the action box on the right of the image provided. This allows us the ability to efficiently market our successful graduate to all available hiring mangers.


fig4aOnce internal efforts have been exhausted for our graduates, we then utilize traditional recruitment efforts through our placement service recruitment team at EliteMed Recruiting. Since 2011, we have enjoyed an exclusive recruitment relationship with the largest recruiter in orthopaedics. With this agreement, we have access to hundreds of unadvertised positions through EliteMed. Due to our relationship, many hiring managers contact EliteMed with requests for our graduates. In these instances, EliteMed will contact our graduates and set up interviews with the hiring managers. We plan on continued collaboration for placement services with the EliteMed team.


fig5Lastly, we have one more available option for our graduates. In early 2014, Med Sales Career launched an industry first; medical sales career fairs. With more than 30 career fairs completed, this has proven to be a very successful program for graduates of the Medical Sales College. Each career fair is directed only at openings in the field of medical sales with onsite interviews with hiring managers. In areas in which we have Medical Sales College graduates available, they receive first priority in interviews, as they have been the most requested background from hiring managers. In fact, more graduates of the Medical Sales College have been hired from these events then all other backgrounds or experience levels combined. Med Sales Career recently published a study looking at the current hiring trends in medical sales. The Medical Sales College recorded unprecedented results. A few bullet points from the study:

  • Medical Sales College was requested more than any other background
  • Medical Sales College requests were seven times more than available supply
  • Medical Sales College graduates received the highest interview scores from hiring managers
  • Medical Sales College graduates received more requests for second interviews than any other group
  • Medical Sales College graduates were 11.7 times more likely to land than job than any other group.

To see the results from the study, please click here.